Imprint and data security explanation:

All rights reserve. The represented information is property of the BLS air service (in the following BLS). They represent at the time of the publication the newest in each case information. An adhesion or a warranty for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the provided information and data is impossible. This applies likewise to all other web pages, to which by means of one is referred hyper+on the left of. For contents of such web pages the BLS is not responsible.

The information on the web pages represents legal warranties in no case. The BLS reserves itself the right to accomplish if necessary changes or additions of the made available information or data. From the ranges of topics described here no legal claims can be derived. Offers are exclusively noncommittal in all parts.

The BLS is responsible neither for direct nor indirect damage, which results from the use of the information or data, which is to be found on this web page. Right ones and obligations between the BLS and the individual user of the web page or third do not exist.

Contents of the web page are in copyright matters protected. Contents may neither completely, nor without previous written permission of the author to be partly multiplied, published or in an information system stored.

All information or data, their use as well as all doing, bearing or omitting which is connected with the web page of the BLS are subject to German right. Place of delivery and exclusive area of jurisdiction are Duesseldorf.
Data security explanation:

We are pleased the fact that you visit our web pages and thanks you for your interest in our products and web pages. The protection of your private sphere with the use of our web pages is us an important request. Therefore we act in agreement with the legislation for the protection of personal data.

This data security explanation applies to the use from the BLS offered web pages. This data security explanation does not apply to the web pages of other service tenderers, to whom BLS web pages refer by a left only.

Personal data raise, process or in all other respects use we of you then only if you make available us these on their part from voluntary and it is beyond that legally permitted or consented you. This happens usually, if you close an on-line contract with us or ask an inquiry at us.

Passing on of data:

A passing on, the sales or other transmission of your personal data third do not take place on, unless a passing on is necessary for the purpose of the conclusion of the contract or consented you expressly. So it can be for example necessary that we pass your address and order data on with orders of products at one our supplier.

Data deletion:

They have at any time the possibility of contradicting the intended purpose of your personal data for the future, agreed upon with the consent. Please you send a Mail to, keyword data deletion.


We meet the technical and organizational safety precautions, in order to protect your personal data against loss and abuse. Thus your data in a safe operating environment are stored, which is not accessible to the public.
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